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Otto Krause Pavilion

The Otto Krause indoor arena seats up to 1,000 guests with access to Wi-Fi, heat and air systems, concession stands, LWED lighting and in-wall service-drop electricity. This space is equipped for all kinds of events from flea markets and trade shows to livestock shows and bull riding!



Otto Krause is wheelchair accessible throughout including parking and entry, with the exception of the dirt-floor arena in Bay C. All bathrooms meet ADA standards. 

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Catering & Concessions

The Otto Krause Pavilion features a concession stand and dining area directly connected to the arena and lobby / restroom area. The Heart of OK offers a variety of catering and concession options to fit your event, including alcohol.



WIFI is available free of charge to organizers and guests throughout the entire facility, and throughout the grounds.  

Otto Krause Pavilion Layout

Shawnee Expo Conference Map V6_Otto Krau

Please click on image above to download a PDF.

Otto Krause Photo Gallery

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